Diversity & Inclusion Institute (D&I)

Equal opportunities and diversity respect

D&I was established in 2021, aspiring to promote equal opportunities and diversity respect by promoting the Diversity in the workplace Charter, organizing initiatives and projects in compliance with its principles and by promoting the values of respect, tolerance and equality in European societies.

D&I Activities


D&I collaborates mainly with:

Young people with various backgrounds, 16 to 30 years old, including youngsters with fewer opportunities (financial  obstacles, social difficulties, immigrants, and refugees, LGBTQI, religious and ethnic minorities, women, etc.)
Employers, executives, entrepreneurs and HR managers 18+
Companies’ staff of any age and background
Adult educators, VET providers and school staff and teachers of all 3 educational levels
Policy makers and labor market actors such as chambers of commerce, trade unions, employee unions etc.
Public bodies and relevant decision-making bodies such as the General Secretariat for Demography and Family  Policy and Gender Equality and the ministry of employment.
Civil society actors and communities working on diversity

Public institutions and their staff at local, regional and National level

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