D&I team

Vasiliki Soulani

Social Media expert in Diversity & Inclusion

Vasiliki, with studies and long experience in Communication and Advertising, always supports that diversity is a source of inspiration and creativity. That’s why she became a member of the wonderful team of the Diversity Charter with the aim of spreading her values to Greek businesses, organizations and institutions through Social Media, speaking in this way to the “heart” of the public. Having contributed to the creation of many campaigns for large companies, she is ready to build the vision of diversity through the channels of Diversity Charter Greece.

Marilena Stathopoulou

Project Manager EU programs

Marilena, with studies in Business and Services management is experienced in developing marketing strategies for multinational companies & SMEs and analysing consumer behavior. At the same time, is active in the fashion industry by creating an ethical fashion label, developing genderless collections. The last years she has been involved in managing European HORIZON and ERASMUSPrograms, in the field of New Technologies and Ethical Fashion. Currently is part of the team for Diversity & Inclusion Programs, aiming to transfer her knowledge in creating equal and fair communities with same opportunities to all!

Yiannis Chaniotis

Trainer & facilitator partner

Yiannis has many years of experience, as an adult educator, in public bodies and organizations, as well as in companies and groups of companies in the private sector. He contributed decisively to the adaptation and development of the training material for Diversity & Inclusion Training, an experiential and interactive program addressed to business executives and organizations. With specialized studies in Greece and abroad, Yiannis implements the Diversity & Inclusion Trainings, through which participants understand the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion and take actions to support them.

Board of Directors

Vasiliki Bellia

President of D&I Institute.

Since 2016 she has been working as a freelance professional specializing in software systems but also co-ordinated with municipality of Korydallos Adult Training Center, participates as a project manager in European programs and implements various vocational training seminars. She has undertaken the communication plan of many European Projects. She studied Mathematics at the University of the Aegean specializing in applied mathematics an on IT Tech.

She has worked for fifteen years as a software engineer for the development of specialized software that served the majority of modern combat needs and operational information systems for the Ministry of Defense

Stavros Milionis

Founder of D&I institute

With the motto “diversity is music in our lives”, Stavros has been and continues to be one of the most ardent supporters and exponents of the Diversity Charter for Greek businesses. With a long career in business and intense social action, he is the inspirer and founder of Diversity Charter Greece. The values of freedom, democracy, equality, social justice and solidarity, social awareness of youth and environmental protection are at the core of its activity.

Katerina Psiha

Comunication Director of Diversity Cherter Greece

Katerina comes from the field of Communication and Public Relations, with many years of experience in positions of responsibility. Her involvement with the Diversity Charter for Greek businesses was a one-way path due to her experience in corporate environment and communications on the one hand, and due to her strong “sense of fairness” on the other. Those who know Katerina have heard her saying that “strength lies in differences, not similarities”. She defends these differences passionately in her personal life as well. And when passion meets work, it’s the perfect combination!

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