Diversity & Inclusion Institute (D&I)

Equal opportunities and diversity respect

D&I was established in 2021, aspiring to promote equal opportunities and diversity respect by promoting the Diversity in the workplace Charter, organizing initiatives and projects in compliance with its principles and by promoting the values of respect, tolerance and equality in European societies.

Specifically, the organization’s activities aim to:

Ensure that the principle of equal opportunities and treatment is respected during all labor market processes and social sectors.
Promote understanding, recognition and respect of diversity and fight discrimination.
Provide relevant information and trainings to companies’ staff and executives, young people and adults.
Promote diversity management in corporate strategies, develop relevant policy proposals, practices and recommendations.
Develop projects, research, conferences, educational activities, publications & digital tools to reduce discrimination and social inequality and promote diversity respect among European societie.

D&I Activities

D&I has deep knowledge on the project topic and strong skills in project implementation and coordination, derived from its members previous experiences and involvement in the field. Our strategic plan includes mainly the following:

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